How do you handle your loved ones awakening process?

Yesterday I took a walk in the woods and started thinking about what kind of approach I should have to my friends and family as we are getting closer to the ”great awakening”. You have probably also felt worried about your loved ones and how you can support them during their awakening, when all ofContinue reading “How do you handle your loved ones awakening process?”

Moving into a quantum world

On our ascension journey we continuously expand our conciousness. And as we do so we recognize that there are infinite perspectives on things and situations that we once thought had only one or a few. This is a way of recognizing the quantum field. Suddenly you realize that there ´s more than one answer toContinue reading “Moving into a quantum world”

Ascension symptoms anyone?

The last couple of days has been really intense for me when it comes to feeling the ”ascension symptoms”. Apparently the higher energies around us is accelerating and according to Lucy Davis and Lorie Ladd, we are right now moving through a big shift in the collective conciousness. For me this has manifested through someContinue reading “Ascension symptoms anyone?”

Uppstigningssymtom? Läget just nu och vad vi behöver tänka på…

Det finns bra dagar och så finns det dessa: Extrem trötthet, huvudvärk, ofokuserad och allt möjligt mer. Pratar idag om just dessa energi-intensiva dagar och hur vi kan möta kroppen när den ger oss uppstigningssymtom. Se videon här. GRATIS version av onlinekurs Take Your Power Back: Få PDF:en ”Raise your vibration” GRATIS när duContinue reading “Uppstigningssymtom? Läget just nu och vad vi behöver tänka på…”

High vibe conversation with Simonheals

The other day I had the honor of having a very high vibe conversation with my Reiki college, Simon, from Simonheals on Youtube. We discussed, ascension, awakening, healing and much more. Watch the video here FREE preview of Online Course, ”Take Your Power Back”: This course is focusing on how you through knowledge andContinue reading “High vibe conversation with Simonheals”

The importance of learning about automatic thoughts?

Happy Friday! Today I am sharing a video with some thoughts about automatic thoughts and the importance of learning how to work with them. Do you know your automatic thoughts? I wish you a wonderful weekend! FREE preview of Online Course, ”Take Your Power Back”: This course is focusing on how you through knowledgeContinue reading “The importance of learning about automatic thoughts?”

Tip for intense Ascension symptoms!

Feeling the energies, are we? 🙂 It has been intense these couple of weeks with all this energies and ascension symptoms. I made a video today where I talk about what has been helpful for me to navigate in these times. Watch the video here FREE Online Course, ”Take Your Power Back”: This courseContinue reading “Tip for intense Ascension symptoms!”

How to stop the victim mentality?

This is a tough one. Where do we even start? We have been programmed into this victim way of thinking since forever. Here, in this video, I share my thoughts on this subject and some of my tips. I hope you enjoy it! FREE Online Course, ”Take Your Power Back”: This course is focusingContinue reading “How to stop the victim mentality?”

I tried the 90.10 medbed!

Today I am sharing my story from trying out the 90.10 medbed, last month. Watch this video to learn more about my experience and my interpretation of this quantum technology. We certainly are living in exciting times! Learn more about the medbed here: FREE Online Course, ”Take Your Power Back”: This course isContinue reading “I tried the 90.10 medbed!”

Golden Vibes becomes Soul Island Awakening

After the start of my new YouTube channel I decided to rebrand my blog and website, so that everything goes under the same name. So, from now on Golden Vibes will be Soul Island Awakening. If you haven’t checked out my YouTube channel yet, where I talk about personal development and the ascension journey, pleaseContinue reading “Golden Vibes becomes Soul Island Awakening”