The importance of learning about automatic thoughts?

Happy Friday! Today I am sharing a video with some thoughts about automatic thoughts and the importance of learning how to work with them. Do you know your automatic thoughts? I wish you a wonderful weekend! FREE preview of Online Course, ”Take Your Power Back”: This course is focusing on how you through knowledgeContinue reading “The importance of learning about automatic thoughts?”

High vibe conversation with Simonheals

The other day I had the honor of having a very high vibe conversation with my Reiki college, Simon, from Simonheals on Youtube. We discussed, ascension, awakening, healing and much more. Watch the video here FREE preview of Online Course, ”Take Your Power Back”: This course is focusing on how you through knowledge andContinue reading “High vibe conversation with Simonheals”

Underbara kristaller!

…..kan man aldrig ha för många av 🙂 Dessa stenar är inte bara vackra att se på, de fyller också olika funktioner. Som att de hjälper kroppen att varva ner, stärker och renar energin inom dig som runt omkring dig. Varje sten är som en liten egen individ, som har sina speciella egenskaper. Har duContinue reading “Underbara kristaller!”

How to stop the victim mentality?

This is a tough one. Where do we even start? We have been programmed into this victim way of thinking since forever. Here, in this video, I share my thoughts on this subject and some of my tips. I hope you enjoy it! FREE Online Course, ”Take Your Power Back”: This course is focusingContinue reading “How to stop the victim mentality?”

Launching the FREE version of the online course ”Take Your Power Back”

Have you started your awakening process? Do you feel confused? And don’t know what to do? Would you like to learn efficient tools that can help you, now? Start the shorter version of the course for FREE now: During our awakening process we understand that we have been programmed to be the victim inContinue reading “Launching the FREE version of the online course ”Take Your Power Back””

Boken som bör finnas i VARJE hushåll

Anthony William är en pionjär på hälsoområdet just nu. Hans böcker, podcasts och youtube-kanal sprids flitigt över världen. Och mer än någonsin juicas det på selleri och Instagram är fyllt med före och efter-historier om hur informationen som Anthony ger, hjälper till att minska symtom av olika sjukdomar och ibland även läks det bort heltContinue reading “Boken som bör finnas i VARJE hushåll”

How to go from a doer to a creator? Self awareness is the key!

In this intense transformation process that we are all going through right now, we are being pushed to our limits time and time again. I know, it is exhausting. Maybe we all could need some inspiration and motivation at this point? Today I talk about how we can go from a doer to becoming aContinue reading “How to go from a doer to a creator? Self awareness is the key!”

Let crystals help you raise your vibe

Welcome to the wonderful world of crystals! Healing crystals have been revered for their beauty and their power for thousands of years, in every part of the world. Whether as a protective stone, a talisman against harm, or a way of overcoming the negative energy of others, there are as many uses for these stonesContinue reading “Let crystals help you raise your vibe”

Utveckla ditt Personliga Ledarskap

Det är inte hur du har det, det är hur du tar det! Min kurs i Personligt Ledarskap hos utbildningsföretaget Academy Online, Sveriges största utbildningsföretag för onlineutbildningar är nu lanserad! Vi ställs alla inför utmanande situationer. Kanske kan vi vara överens om att det är lite extra i dessa tider? När det är rörigt omkringContinue reading “Utveckla ditt Personliga Ledarskap”

What is coaching? How can it help you?

We have all heard about coaches and coaching, but how does it really work? How can you train yourself in mastering this tool, and especially now, in the awakening and ascension process? In this video I am giving an introduction to this and how you can take more steps in learning this. FREE preview ofContinue reading “What is coaching? How can it help you?”