You think this transition is slow? Tired of waiting? You are not alone!

Man, I had a tough week, this past week. A lot of testing my temper. How are you guys doing? Not only are we making this ascension process- upgrading our conciousness and our physical body, we really have to deal with som heavy stuff… This passed week I went through som kind of hard coreContinue reading “You think this transition is slow? Tired of waiting? You are not alone!”

Ascension symptoms anyone?

The last couple of days has been really intense for me when it comes to feeling the ”ascension symptoms”. Apparently the higher energies around us is accelerating and according to Lucy Davis and Lorie Ladd, we are right now moving through a big shift in the collective conciousness. For me this has manifested through someContinue reading “Ascension symptoms anyone?”

Ge immunförsvaret vad det behöver!

Det har väl inte undgått någon att det är viktigt att ta hand om sitt immunförsvar i år? Hela det här året har varit upp och ner och hit och dit. För att inte tala om all information som bokstavligen kastats över oss om hur vi ska förhålla oss och vad vi ska tänka ochContinue reading “Ge immunförsvaret vad det behöver!”

Ascension FAQ

As we move into this new world of multidimensionality, there are alot of new things to learn. And if you just awakened or maybe have no idea what these things are yet. Let me try to explain them for you. So, what is ascension and the ascension journey?Energy is vibration. Everything is energy, our planet,Continue reading “Ascension FAQ”

Natural Household Product Alternatives

o live the most optimal life possible, limiting your exposure your toxins is essential to your wellbeing. Many people are unaware at how many subtle … Natural Household Product Alternatives

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT)

What is QHHT ? You are one step closer to what could be the most profound and transformational experience of your life. Quantum Healing Hypnosis … Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT)

Balance And Harmonise Your Yin And Yang Energy

Afternoon Lovelies, Have you ever connected with someone who was the complete opposite to you but you both just clicked and it just worked maybe, … Balance And Harmonise Your Yin And Yang Energy

Din andning – ett kraftfullt verktyg för att minska smärta!

Visste du att genom att förändra din andning kan du antingen förstärka eller förminska smärta (detsamma gäller för rädsla, nervositet eller någon … Din andning – ett kraftfullt verktyg för att minska smärta!

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Sign up for the Golden Vibes newsletter and get a FREE E-BOOK on how to raise your vibration in easy and inspirational ways! In the book you also learn the difference between ascension and awakening, why detox is so important on this journey and many other things. So, what are you writing for? Go getContinue reading “Get your FREE E-BOOK today!”