Launching the FREE version of the online course ”Take Your Power Back”

Have you started your awakening process?

Do you feel confused? And don’t know what to do? Would you like to learn efficient tools that can help you, now?

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During our awakening process we understand that we have been programmed to be the victim in our lives. This has been going on for generations and the worst part is, it has been done to us intentionally!

So what can we do about it? HOW can we empower ourselves and become the leader of our life instead of the victim? 

Through this online course, you will get knowledge and tools that will help you in this process. At this moment a FREE (shorter) version is available for you to start with. If you sign up for the FREE version, you will later get informed by e-mail, when the full version is launched.

What’s in it for you:

This course is a shorter FREE demo version of the Take Your Power Back online course, that will be launched shortly. In this FREE version you will get:

  • A full introduction of what the full course will contain
  • An introduction to what Mental training is and what it can do for you
  • Hands on tools for empowering yourself now!

Full Course Content

The full version, launching in March 2022, of the course, will contain:

  • Self- Empowerment, Mental Training, Automatic Thoughts, Sense of Coherence (SOC), The Cognitive Method
  • Personal Leadership, Self-Esteem & Self- Confidence, Goal setting, Coaching, Self Coaching, Values & Chosen Beliefs and how to create your own ACTIONPLAN for you to use to strengthen your self empowerment.

Producer of this online course is the Certified Coach, Stress & Wellness Therapist and Teacher, Karin Mehler.

Karin has been working with coaching individuals and creating online courses for the last years. She started her own business in 2012 after she graduated as a Certified Coach (ICF). Karin has produced and are teaching in the education ”Certified Stresstherapist” on the platform Academy Online. For more information on Karin, visit her YouTube Channel, Soul Island Awakening. Or the website,

Interested? Of course you are! Start the course by signing up here:

Best regards,

Soul Island Awakening

FREE Online Course, ”Take Your Power Back”:

This course is focusing on how you through knowledge and tools can come home to self empowerment. These tools will help you in your conciousness expansion in this great awakening.

On this ascension journey we learn about manifestation, energies, quantum physics, but HOW do we bring this manifestation in to our daily life? We do that by learning where to put our focus. And THAT is what this course is all about!

The complete online course of ”Take Your Power Back” will be launched in March 2022.

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Utbildningen är helt online och på distans. Du studerar i din egen takt.

Take a course in Stresshantering (Swedish only):

Karin is a Certified Coach, Educater in Personal Development and Leadership, has several years of experience as a Project- and Event Manager and is also a Reiki practitioner. After many years of working in different fields and learning to see from many perspectives, Karin was prepared to start he journey into quantum conciousness. We are all on this ascension and awakening journey, right now and it is more intense than ever before. Let´s come together and help each other out in this exciting time in our history!

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