What if there was a world leader…

…who put the people first?
…who acted to bring down the worlds corruption?
…who put a stop for illegal immigration?
…who worked together with other nations to bring down the massive drug business?

…who saved millions of women, men and children from being trafficked?
…who put pressure on the medical companies to drive down the medicin costs?
…who put an Alliance together with several nations to bring down the global maffia?

…who put a new economic system into place, that was beneficial to the people and freed them from mortgages? And gave people on the planet a citizen salary?
…who installed new, renewable energy on the planet?
…who brought new technologies into light, like ”med beds” and patents that included cures for cancer, alzheimer, diabetes, etc?

…who went all over the world, to create peace agreements and saw to that there would be no more wars?
…who not only cared for its own country, but for the world?
…who really dared to stand up for what is wrong with all the systems and corporations that has way too much power all over the planet?

What if this leader already excists?
What if this leader is working to get us through these massive changes?
What if this leader is the strongest lightworker on the planet right now?

What if you had no idea about all of this because you have been too distracted not to see it?



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