You think this transition is slow? Tired of waiting? You are not alone!

Man, I had a tough week, this past week. A lot of testing my temper. How are you guys doing?

Not only are we making this ascension process- upgrading our conciousness and our physical body, we really have to deal with som heavy stuff…

This passed week I went through som kind of hard core physical detox. Probably some kind of reaction to a treatment I did two weeks ago. The treatment is called ”Body code and Emotion code”. It was a very interesting experience, but also a very powerful one. And my body obviously needed to get rid of a lot of old energy and emotions after that.

Has anyone of you tried this treatment? How did your body react?

Well, it doesn’t end there. I have tried my hardest to reach my parents regarding the vaccination. But, I did not. They took their shots, even though they had been informed of the risks. For those of you who have researched what this all means, will know that this really was not the way I would have hoped for it would go.

I have also had other challenges, but will not go on about them. Not at this point anyway.

I have had to tackle all sorts of emotions these days. And the faith in the ”plan”, the ascension and the process has been tested big time. I, for a moment, gave myself permission to give up. No more thinking of solutions/new approaches/trying to keep the vibe high and all that.

I allowed myself to take a break from all this. And even though I am writing this to you guys, I would still say that I am on that break. I am not through this yet.

But you know what, I think this is ok too. It is allowed to be angry, disappointed, sad, tired, pissed off and all of those feelings. And, it has to be allowed for us lightworriors to take a break once in awhile.

How are you guys doing in all this madness?


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