Moving into a quantum world

On our ascension journey we continuously expand our conciousness. And as we do so we recognize that there are infinite perspectives on things and situations that we once thought had only one or a few.

This is a way of recognizing the quantum field. Suddenly you realize that there ´s more than one answer to the same question. This might be exciting at times and frustrating at others. Because you are able to see perspectives that maybe your surrounding is not.

We all move into our ascension in different ways. And some are not even going to ascend during this lifetime. That is why we now are experiencing such a divide around the world. The people that are awakening and ascending are seeing the world in a different way compared to those who still haven´t started their journey.

Even though these are trying times, we do have many exciting things to look forward to as we wander this ascension path for the coming years.

For example the ”Med beds”. A quantum healing technology that has been surpressed from humanity for a long time. The ”Med beds” will help humanity to heal from all sorts of illnesses and injuries. I hope you take the time to learn more about these amazing healing tools by watching this 7 minute long information video:

Click on the picture to be transferred to a well written article about this technology.

We are moving into a new time on this planet. Where new technologies and patents will be released (such as med beds, Tesla technology and much more), our systems rebuilt (our monetary system, political system and educational system) and where we the people are sovereign.

It is an exciting time to be alive, that´s for sure!


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