Why is the Schumann Resonance so important?

On this ascension journey many people are talking about the Schumann Resonance. Maybe you have been wondering, just as I have, what kind of role it has and how on earth do you interpret it!?

I, as many with me downloaded the app where you can follow the current status and updates of the Resonance. You find the app here. But I learned pretty quick that it was quite difficult to read and understand.

That´s why I was so happy when I found these pictures och with relevant information about how it works and what to look for.

If you never have heard of this instrument before, I´ll give you a quick summary.

The Schumann Resonance is measuring the earths heartbeat. The frequency has been going steady on 7,83 hz for many many years. Now however, this is changing, and very rapidly. The earths frequency is raising and this is something the Resonance is able to show us.

When there are movements in the frequencies and energy, many people experience different symptoms, also called ”ascension symptoms”. Which you can read more about in the pictures above. But mostly it is about our bodies adjusting to the higher energies and vibrations of the earth- our ascension journey.

So, what are we supposed to do with the Schumann Resonance information? Well, for me it has been useful to keep track on when very high energy shifts are taking place. Because, I do get some ascension symptoms and it helps me to know that it is the higher energies that are affecting me in different ways.

This way of measurring the energies is also a very ”hands on way” of actually seeing with your own eyes that these transformations really are taking place.

I hope you feel a little more informed about this Schumann-subject now. Please do share more information in the comments if you have other perspectives!



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