How do you handle your loved ones awakening process?

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Yesterday I took a walk in the woods and started thinking about what kind of approach I should have to my friends and family as we are getting closer to the ”great awakening”. You have probably also felt worried about your loved ones and how you can support them during their awakening, when all of the difficult truths are starting to ”hit” them.

I remembered the ”four stages of crisis” and realized that they were able to give me some clearity on how to think when it came to how to handle the different reactions that the awakening might trigger. I also felt that you might benifit from knowing these stages as well. So let’s take a look at them!

Probably you have sometime during your life been in some kind of crisis. Death in the family, a disease, accident or maybe something else. Crisis comes in many different forms and to understand its process better we have divided it into four stages. How long every stage is, all depends on the situation and the individual and what resources and help that is available.

First stage is: Shock. It appears instantly and can last up to a few days. The condition protects the individual from the frightening experience. A shocked person can seem unaffected and through that also become misinterpreted by the surroundings like he or she is unmoved. So, it is totally individual how people react in this stage.

The second stage is: Reaction– when the affected starts to realize and react to what has happened. Strong feelings are expressed, which can be tough for the family and friends to handle. This stage can go on for up to eight weeks.

The third stage is: Processing. The affected relives the challenging experiences and is trying to make sense of it. Here is when the processing of thoughts and emotions take place. The person also start to invite their surroundings in again, to talk and engage in the process. This stage can last for up to a year.

And stage four: Reorientation- the wounds are more or less healed, frightening emotions and thoughts have been processed and the person can move on with their life. However, a victim of violence never forgets its experience. This stage can last throughout life.

”This too shall pass” (Eckhart Tolle)

So, now that we know this – What can we do as fellow human beings when our surroundings start going through these stages during the awakening process?

In the first stage: Focus on calming them down. Not that much talking is nessesary. Just try to see if you can help them with practical things and offer them some remedies like; lemon balm tea, ashwagandha (calming herb extract), a walk in nature, yoga, meditation, reiki or other things that help them to calm their body down.

Moving in to the second stage: The emotions are strongly being let out. Here it is important that you listen and try to stay calm yourself. Know that this is not about you at all, this is their way of letting all their frustration, grief and other feelings out. Try to encourage them to get some physical exercise to get those feelings out of their body. Get out into the nature for hours and just let the nature help them to release all the tension that has been built up.

In the third stage: here is where you start to process, talk, ask questions and helping them forward. Remember! And this goes for ALL stages- keep the eyes on the price. Remind them of where we are going. That the thoughest part is already been dealt with. Even though they might not be able to understand that in the beginning, it is important for them to have something positive to look forward to in all of the emotional chaos.

In the fourth stage: Here is where you move forward, hopefully together, and leave the turbulent time behind you.

Happy sunset

Remember, healing takes time and every individual reacts in different ways and has different needs. So listen and try your best and you will be fine. You can also ask yourself the question: What did I need during my awakening? What kind of support would I have wanted from my close ones?

I hope this has given you some new tools. Please do share your thoughts and insights in the comments!


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