Reading Juan O Savin’s book

On the awakening journey you really become aware of that there are sooo many things we don’t know about. That big parts of history has been a lie, that there has been forces working against us and our development and much more.

One of the names that has been very informative during the last years awakening process, in the social media, is Juan O Savin (107 ;)). He is an insider connected to the Earth Alliance and has shared many insights and much valuable information through different podcasts and YouTube videos.

Last year he released the book ”The kid on the side of the road”. And just a few weeks ago I read it, almost all at once. I could not walk away even for a little break!

It was packed with information regarding our history, mostly the US, but also the planet’s. He also writes about important information about the Titanic ”accident”, what the REAL reason was behind the second world war and of course- the Q operation. The world’s biggest military intelligence operation of all time.

This is a book that EVERYONE should read. I truly recommened you to get your own copy and learn all of these important peaces to the puzzle that we all are working with in these times. You can buy your book here.

Have you read the book? What did you think?

Happy reading!


Creator Golden-Vibes
Certified Coach

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