Ascension symptoms anyone?

The last couple of days has been really intense for me when it comes to feeling the ”ascension symptoms”. Apparently the higher energies around us is accelerating and according to Lucy Davis and Lorie Ladd, we are right now moving through a big shift in the collective conciousness.

For me this has manifested through some rollercoaster emotions. And waking up this morning feeling totally run over, like I had been working the entire night. I checked the Schumann Resonance app, and there were some intense energy movements, just as I suspected.

Ascension symptoms can vary quite much from person to person. And you can also experience many different symptoms yourself.

Schumann Resonance Ascension Symptoms

Why is it that the symptoms vary so much?
Well, every person has their own traumas, toxins and imbalances in their body and energy field. So the high vibrating energy that is flushing through the system is highlighting and proccessing all of these things as it passes through our bodies.

So, listen to your body and help it as much as you can in this process. Try to show yourself alot of compassion as you move through your ascension symptoms.

When are we done?
I wish I knew! 😉 I have NO idea. I don’t know if we ever become ”done”. I think we will continue this ascension process for a long time moving forward. BUT, I do hope, and think, that our bodies will stabilize when they are more anchored in the higher energies and our energy systems have healed from all of our different wounds.

Have you felt any ascension symptoms lately?


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2 thoughts on “Ascension symptoms anyone?

  1. 💜 Yup, there is Energetic Inflammation in My Joints specifically My Big Right Toe, My Knees, My Shoulders and, most significantly, My Pelvic Girdle; quite apart from Restricting My Mobility it’s in The Sacral Energy Centre of My Body that some call The Sacral Chakra and is Connected to My Spine so probably has something to do with The Serpent in My Spine that some call Kundalini or The Devils Backbone


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    1. I can definitely relate to that 😆🤪 For me, yoga has helped quite much with that. I try to make time for some daily practises to get the energy flowing. I hope you have some thing that you can use for relief as well! 🙏🏻☀️

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