Detox on the ascension journey


When it comes to our ascension journey detoxing our bodies becomes a natural way of living. When we detox we also activate the bodies own system for healing itself. We are strengthening the immunsystem and by doing this our frequencies raise. How about giving your body the best possible conditions in healing itself?

Anthony William is a pioneer in the health industry right now. His books, podcasts and youtube and instagram-channel has been going viral the last few years. And people are juicing celery all over the world on his recommentation, to detox and help healing their bodies.

Anthony has worked for many years with helping people heal through food and detox. And I truly recommend you to read his books to get the wonderful knowledge of what he has to teach.

Let´s take a look at some of the very important information that he is sharing with us.

According to him, we have four big threats, when it comes to our health. The virus explosion, toxic heavy metals, DDT and radiation. The radiation surrounding us constantly lowers our immunsystem and the atombombs from the Hiroshima, is still in our atmosphere and creates trouble. Anthony also informs about the consequenses from x-rays and the radiation we get exposed to while flying in an airplane.

Refering to the virus explosion, one might think that it is about the corona outbreak in 2020. But, it is not. The virus explosion is about something that has happened way before that year. Anthony talks about many different viruses that are behind many of the autoimmune diseases we have today, like MS, fibromyalgia, thyroid problems, cancer etc.

The toxic heavy metals are for example arsenic, aluminum and mercury. These come in to our bodies through pesticides like DDT and medicines like antibiotics. DDT was a pesticied and used before, it is prohibited now, however, it is still causing problems for us, being transfered from generation to generation. It has a negative effect on our livers and feeds the viruses.

These four threats together are strong reasons for why we are so sick in this day and age, according to Anthony.

His recomendations to be able to detox these troublemakers out of the body is to eat a lot of fruits and veggies, together with daily celery juice and taking supplements to boost the immunsystem, like vitamin C, D and zinc.

He also has a few ”no foods” as he call them, foods that feeds the troublemakers. They are: gluten, corn, lactos/milkproducts, soy, eggs and canola oil.

We have the ability to heal our body from all these symtoms that are causing our illnesess. The malnutrition is a fact no matter what we eat. And in Anthonys books you will learn more about all of this, get recipes and so much more info on how to detox your body in a safe way.

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