The difference between ascension and awakening


As we move into this new world, there are alot of new things to learn. And if you just awakened or maybe have no idea what these things are yet. Let me try to explain them for you.

So, what is ascension and the ascension journey?
Energy is vibration. Everything is energy, our planet, our bodies, nature etc. The planet have been vibrating in a lower frequency for a long time. In this frequency we have expirienced our reality, as many call 3D (the third dimension). Now the vibration of the planet is changing and is expiriencing a shift into higher frequencies into higher dimensions. This is ascension. Moving from lower to higher frequencies. Just as our planet expirience this, so does our bodies.

What is the awakening?
As our vibration raises in this process we start to expand our conciousness. This is how the awakening begins. By expanding our conciousness we start to see things differently. We start to question ourselves and our reality. And eventually we develop ”new” skills, like telepathy, more intuitive abilties and by activating our third eye, we are able to see through the 3D illusion.

The awakening can be a very traumatic expirience, it was for me. So, if you are going through this right now, know that it is all going to be ok. You will soon get passed those emotions of shock and grief. When you ”get to the other side” of it, it turns into exitment of what´s to come.

The New Earth
So where are we going? What is the new earth? The truth is, I don´t know yet, not many do. But what I do know is that we are heading into a new way of living. We won´t be ”going anywhere”, we will still be on this planet. However we will be changing our perception of reality and moving into higher dimensions of conciousness.

As you break out of the 3D Matrix illusion (if you don´t understand these things yet, they will come in time) you will realise that there are no going back to how it has been. We need to move forward. And on this journey more innerpeace is created in the body as are love and compassion for yourself and others.

To look forward to
There are many reasons to get exited about what´s to come. New monetary system, that is gold backed. New cures and technologies that are being released to humanity and much more. And it is not as far away as one may think… In the meantime, focus on raising your vibration and spreading your inner light.

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