1000 lightworkers in Sweden did crucial and powerful work together for the planet


As the awakening continues on our planet, the Scandinavians still have not woken up in the masses. And especially not in Sweden.

Last week Zoë Devi, a spiritual guide in self empowerment and the ascension got contacted and informed about a few things regarding why it is so hard for the people of Sweden to wake up. She immediately understood that she had to gather a large amount of lightworkers to help with these blockages that causes this delay.

So, yesterday, March 2, we were close to 1000 lightworkers coming together in Sweden and in Scandinavia, to help out. It was a very powerful experience! And it felt so good to be able to contribute.

What was it then, that brought us all together?

Well, it wasn´t something small, I´ll tell you that! Apparently (I am not yet as intuitive to be able to confirm this on my own) there has been I very powerful ”dark grid” over us, that has been holding us back. So we disconnected it and put it in contact with the new 5D Earth grid, all very powerful light energies. And together we transformed the old/dark system completely into the new light grid.

We also tore up the mortality contract that has been in place for over thousands of years. The contract that has been making us live in the illusion of that death exists. But, as you raise your frequency on your ascension journey, you will soon learn that we don´t die, our soul lives on and on and on.

The third thing we did was to open the light portal over Scandinavia, that has been ”clogged up”. We cleaned it and saw to that the light came through as powerful as it has never done before.

Hopefully this now will help with the awakening and ascension process here in Sweden. As many of you lightworkers know, the light is supposed to come from the north during the awakening on the planet, so it will be interesting to see the coming days and weeks if we can notice any difference.



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