What are you grateful for today?

The highest vibrating feelings in the universe are unconditional love and gratefulness. Practising being grateful is useful in many ways, not only when it comes to raising your vibration.

Realising what you have to be grateful for will also remind you of the things in your life that you have started to take for granted. Filling yourself with the vibration of being grateful also helps you attract more of what you want. Maybe you have heard of the Law of Attraction? What you feel is what you attract.

Start practising this every night before you go to sleep. Name the things that you are grateful for today.

For example: lay one hand on your heart and one hand on your stomach and take a few deep breaths and say:

I am grateful for:

– my health

– my family

– my home

– the healthy food I am able to give myself

– etc…

Feel how you are filled with peace and gratitude throughout the whole body and how you conciously decide to end the day on a positive note. This prepare you for a night of peaceful sleep and helping your body and brain to focus on what has been good from the day that has passed.



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