Welcome to Golden Vibes!

During the last year I have been on an most awesome journey. Sometimes scary, other times really exiting. I learned so much about myself and about my surroundings and not to mention the planet!

What I have expirienced is the start of the awakening journey. The understanding of the ascension that our planet is going through and we with her. And looking out in the world, there are millions of people waking up just like you and me. People who are searching for truth. Understanding the 3D Matrix illusion. And, setting the focus on creating the best environment to ascend.

Many of us are still very new to all of this. Still there are alot of people that haven´t woken up. And we who have, are going to have to guide these into the new world, which comes with some responsability. And I have many times wondered, how are we going to do that?
That is why I have decided to create Golden Vibes.

Almost all my life I have been working with personal development. It started with my own journey in my teens and later on became my profession as I became a Certified Coach and Stress & Wellness therapist. Along the way I have created courses, educated and coached many individuals and as I now have this new awakened perspective I see how I can contribute with these experiences on the ascension journey.

Golden Vibes is meant to be a platform for inspiration and reflection upon the journey we now are taking. Since we are moving into the Golden Age by raising our vibrations, I felt that Golden Vibes really resonated with me in creating this platform.

By following this blog, you will get interesting stories and information to guide you. For the Swedish speaking audience, you are welcome to take any of the courses presented here on this site, and created by me, Karin Mehler. I am working on translating these courses into English, so stay tuned! Sign up for the newsletter to keep you informed.

Shortly there also will be possible to book Reiki healing sessions, since I am a Reiki practisioner. Reiki is a wonderful way to balance the energy in the body in these intence times.

Again, a warm welcome to Golden Vibes! Let´s take on this ascension journey together!


Creator Golden Vibes

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